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Thursday, 5 July 2012

120704 Super Junior Eunhyuk and IU’s Secret Romance?

Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News opened up the celebrity X-files to uncover the truth behind certain rumors and scandals floating around in the entertainment business.
Of one of those rumors was the possible romantic relationship between Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and IU.
Maybe there’s gold or money on her head, but Eunhyuk is always seen patting IU on the head very affectionately.
Not only that, they’ve already matched lips by singing a duet with each other – and what better song for lovers to sing than MC Mong and Lyn’s A Letter to You. IU had previously revealed that she loves people who look kind with smiley eyes. Does Eunhyuk have these features?
But the most suspicious thing about the two is that on his blog, Eunhyuk wrote “Right now, Eunhyuk is hurting, but now!! Let’s all cheer up. Yup!” which actually spells out the acronym of ‘Ji Eun-ah, honey’ in Korean.
Was this a cryptic love message to IU, whose real name is Ji Eun?
The problem is that when she named a few celebrities who she thinks of as her ideal type, IU mentioned Kim Tae Woo, Taeyang, even comedian Lee Jin Guk who is old enough to be her dad, but no Eunhyuk
Wide’s conclusion?
There’s a 50 percent chance that this rumor is true, but until they formally reveal a relationship, we guess they’re just good colleagues.
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