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Thursday, 5 July 2012

120704 Kim Kibum praised for his work ethic by ‘I Love Italy’ staff

Kim Kibum has been praised for his solid work ethic by the staff of the tvN drama ‘I Love Italy‘.
An ‘I Love Italy’ staff member stated on the 4th during a press meeting, “Kim Kibum is trying really hard for filming and is getting a lot of praise from staff.”
He continued, “Kim Kibum arrives on set 30 minutes to an hour beforehand. He comes earlier to greet staff [and prepare]. Most actors will come a bit late due to their busy schedules, but Kim Kibum is a particular case and has gained favor [with the staff].”
“I think he’s really burdened because he plays the protagonist, which is probably why he works harder during filming. He’s never had to re-do a scene because of his lines.”
In related news, Geum Eun Dong (played by Kim Kibum) will be more aggressive about pursuing Italy (Park Ye Jin) in future episodes of ‘I Love Italy’.
Source: Osen & allkpop
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