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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

120703 Super Junior 6JIB ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ Press Conference [Transcript]

Super Junior said that this time, Sexy Free Single is about a ‘success man’ song.
Eeteuk said that he feels nervous for this comeback. But because of the member, he can do it!
Eeteuk also said that they recorded the M/V both in Korean and Japanese. The M/V are the same, only the lyrics different. -___-
Kangin said that Rockstar is his favorite song. It’s so refreshing and makes your shoulder moving everytime you listen to it ^^
And they said thank you for being #1 for 100weeks on Taiwan KKBOX chart. Eeteuk: “I really want to meet Taiwan fans again!”
Eeteuk: “We reveal the teaser image start from member who has the cheapest look. At that time, the member was Eunhyuk.”
Siwon: “At first, I want to apologize. I keep telling Eunhyuk-ssi ugly. Now after watch the MV, (I realize) he’s so handsome.” :)
Kangin: “In three years, I was resting. At that time I’m 26, now I’m 29. I feel so old.”
Shindong: “This song is good, but the dance performance is more awesome. Please looking forward for that.”
Kangin: “It’s been a long time, I really miss to perform on stage. I’m so nervous. When I smile the fans are always there. When having hard time, they also by my side. So, I’ll work hard for this album!”
Shindong: “We really want to be like Japanese group SMAP.”
Kangin said that in army because he can use computer, he watch SJ’s music video and try to search SJ new video too :D
Kangin: “If there’s no me, 6jib only 9people because Heechul already left for army. I really want to fill that empty spot, be by their side.”
Kangin also said that Lee Soo Man really help him a lot during hard time. Everytime they meet, LSM always giving him good advices :)
Eeteuk: “Kang Ho Dong hyung-nim!! Thank you for telling me not to be tired and never give up!”
Ryeowook said that in Super Junior they have tea time to discuss and talk about anything. Eeteuk will deliver the result to the company
Shindong: In overseas, Super Junior is a group. But in Korea, we’ve more known as Siwon or Shindong rather than Super Junior.”
Eeteuk: “Eunhyuk is more handsome when covering his eyes or wearing sunglass. Look, he wore sunglass too on music video, rite?”
Eeteuk said he still doesnt know when he’s going to enlisting army. “But it’s confirmed that I’m going this year,” he said.
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